Training in Cyber-security is important for the success of the organisational plans in combating cyber-crime. At the top of this strategy, it is the awareness and education for all personnel in the organisation, as most attack will come in from the weakest link within the organisation. It is thus critical for continuous organisational campaigns that drive the cyber-aware work force, which will entrench the culture of security and also provide updated methods of potential attacks.


Indviduals Trained


The second area of cyber-security preparedness is technical level where the work force has to have the correct skills and tools to combat cyber-attacks. This area is more complex as these skills have to be built over time. It is also more complicated as the type of technical skills have to be updated in regular basis.

In South Africa, in addition to what the formal education is offered by various training providers, a programme of Cyber-Security Challenge has been initiated by National Integrated Cyber-Infrastructure (NICIS). This programme is geared towards undergraduate students and provide hands on training in skills to identify various attacks and ways to combat them. This is done in competitive environment where students are trained to avert real life attacks.

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