Suren Govender

Inburru Technologies

Technologist | Strategist | Dealmaker

Over a 27-year career, I have honed my skills as technologist, strategist and dealmaker. I am the Principal at Inburru Technologies, which I founded in 2009 to augment the human experience with technology. Inburru’s projects include Fibered a new telco startup, Y3S Consulting a technology consultancy, and the solve4africa digital collaboration to incubate next-gen cybersecurity and data analytics skills. My experience as Group Chief Digital Officer of Life Healthcare Group Limited, put me in charge of a “double black swan” scenario: a debilitating cyber-attack at the height of COVID Wave 1, in the 2nd largest South African hospital group. My prior role was Group Chief Data Officer at Absa Group Limited, where I successfully developed and executed transformation to a federated data capability. Before that I led several digital and data strategy projects locally and globally as Managing Director of Accenture Analytics. My career includes executive roles at IBM, Neotel and Dell. I have an engineering and information systems academic background and I have been studying future technology since I was 10 years old and I am intoxicated with possibility.